Terms of Use of the iReduva Free Service

Article 1 – General remarks

Welcome to the Terms of Use of the iReduva Free Service which includes the website accessible at https://www.ireduva.com (hereinafter the “Site”), and its desktop, tablet and mobile applications (hereinafter the “Application”).

The Site and Application are created, developed and operated by iReduva S.A. (hereinafter “iReduva”) a French corporation registered under number 511 716 573, with principal offices located at 130 rue Bonga, Ouénzé - Brazzaville – CONGO.

To access and use the iReduva Free Service, the user must (i) be at least 16 years old (ii) register and create a personal account and (iii) accept without any reserve, at the time of registration, the hereby conditions of use (including the Privacy Policy) (hereinafter the “Terms”).

The use of the Site and Application is only authorized for a personal and private use, therefore any other use, notably in public premises and businesses, is strictly forbidden.

Article 2 – iReduva Free Service presentation

The iReduva Free Service is an advertising funded service offering free of charge on-demand streaming of sound recordings and other musical and cultural content (such as podcasts, radios and in certain territories audiobooks) (hereinafter the “Recordings”) with no download or tethered download functionalities, with audio and display advertising, on any device (whether non-portable or portable) on an unlimited basis (the “iReduva Free Service”) to each registered user (hereinafter the “iReduva Free User”).

The iReduva Free Service includes personalized music, playlists and other content recommendations.

Streaming is possible track by track, by creating playlists, or via radios.

Article 3 – Access and use of the iReduva Free Service

The use of the iReduva Free Service requires a high-speed Internet connection for personal computers and an Internet service for portable devices. These connections are not provided by iReduva, therefore the iReduva Free User must first subscribe to a high-speed Internet and/or an Internet for mobile offer in order to use the iReduva Free Service.

A connection to Internet for mobile through a third generation or fourth generation (3G or 4G) mobile technology norm is highly recommended.

The music catalog available, as part of the iReduva Free Service, is linked to the agreements in effect with the right holders and may therefore change. iReduva cannot guarantee the availability of any determined track or album or any artist or group in the iReduva Free Service catalog.

Moreover, iReduva cannot guarantee that any determined track, album, artist or group in the iReduva Free Service catalog will be indefinitely available. iReduva can never be held liable for the removal of parts of the catalog content made available.

As a iReduva Free User, you can activate the iReduva Free Service on a personal computer (PC or Mac) and a compatible portable device. The iReduva Free Service is only accessible from one connection at a time (registered personal computer or compatible portable device). iReduva has the technical means to verify the absence of multiple simultaneous connections on the same account and therefore detect multiple connections attempt.

Article 4 – Availability and modification of the iReduva Free Service

The iReduva Free Service can be accessed 24 hours a day and seven days a week, within the limit of the Terms and in particular the terms of article 9 hereunder.

However, iReduva has the right to bring any modification and amelioration to the iReduva Free Service as it deems necessary. iReduva nevertheless guarantees that it will not affect the quality or modify substantially the functionalities of the iReduva Free Service.

In addition, iReduva has the right, without prior notice or compensation, to temporarily remove access to the iReduva Free Service if necessary in order to ensure the maintenance or continuity of the iReduva Free Service. iReduva also has the right, without compensation, to definitely shut down the Service. Any final shutdown of the iReduva Free Service will be notified via the Site or via the Application.

Article 5 – Terms of access to the iReduva Free Service

The iReduva Free User declares being capable to accept the hereby Terms, which means that he/she has the legal required age and he/she is not under a legal protection measure (such as legal guardianship).

Article 6 – iReduva Free Users liability

i) Each iReduva Free User can post messages, information and/or comments on the Site and the desktop application. The iReduva Free User is liable for any messages, content or information published by himself on the Site or desktop application; iReduva is only considered as an Internet service-hosting provider and cannot be held liable for the content published by the iReduva Free User on the Site or desktop application, and upon which iReduva has no control or supervision.

The iReduva Free User expressly agrees, in order to avoid being held liable, that he/she will ensure that the messages published by him/her on the Site or desktop application do not, notably but not limited to:

- Constitute a violation of third-party intellectual property rights; therefore the member agrees not to publish, on the Site or desktop application, content protected under copyright law, a registered trademark or more generally any content protected by any other intellectual property rights held by third parties without the prior consent of the owner or owners of the said rights;

- Contain any computer virus which can interrupt, destroy or affect the Site’s or desktop application’s functionalities;

- Glorify crimes or contain illegal or threatening messages or of a pedophile, pornographic, defamatory, obscene, hateful, racist, anti-Semitic, xenophobic, revisionist nature or against public orders and good manners;

- Infringe a right to privacy or violate the dignity of third parties;

- Encourage violence, fanaticism, crime, suicide, hate linked to religion, race, sex, sexual preferences, ethnicity;

- Harass other Users;

- Promote or encourage any criminal activity or enterprise;

- Request and/or communicate passwords and/or personal information for commercial or illegal purpose;

- Transmit emails chains, unsolicited massive emails, instant messages, advertising messages and spam messages;

- Contain advertisement and/or solicitation in order to offer products and/or services to sell through the Site;

- Contain addresses or Internet links transferring to external website which content violates any applicable law and/or regulation, infringes the rights of third parties or violates the Terms.

ii) The iReduva Free User agrees not to use any automatic system such as scripts in the purpose of adding Users to his/her User account and/or send comments or messages.

iii) The iReduva Free User is the sole responsible for the safekeeping and the privacy of his/her password and agrees not to communicate, at any time, his/her password to any other user nor use the account, name or password of any other user.

iv) The iReduva Free User certifies the accuracy of the information given to iReduva for his/her registration and agrees to notify any modification.

v) The iReduva Free User recognizes that iReduva has the right, in case his/her use of the Site or Application would violate the Terms and more broadly the right of third parties, laws and regulation in effect, to proceed immediately and without any notice to his/her suspension or dismissal from the iReduva Free Service and/or block his/her access to the iReduva Free Service.

vi) iReduva has the right, in case the iReduva Free User would violate the legislation or infringe any third-parties rights, to provide upon request of any legitimate authority (courts, administrative authorities, and police forces), any information enabling or facilitating the identification of the offender.

Article 7 – Privacy and cookie policy

7.1 Purpose

This section illustrates iReduva’s commitments with regard to the protection of the privacy and personal data of its members, subscribers or visitors (hereinafter referred to together as the “Users”), collected and processed during the use of the Site and the Application under the conditions set out in the Terms of Use and Sale of the Services (hereinafter the “Data”).

iReduva undertakes to comply with the applicable legislation relating to the protection of privacy, in particular the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council of 27 April 2016 relating to the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, (hereinafter referred to together as the “Applicable Regulation”).

The User acknowledges that, by using the Site and/or the Application and/or by using one of the free or paid services made available offered by iReduva (hereinafter the “Services”), his/her Data are collected and processed according to the terms and conditions set out hereinafter.

The present policy (the “Policy”) is an integral part of the Terms of Use and Sale of the Services of iReduva and may be modified at any time, in particular in order to ensure compliance with any legislative, regulatory, case law, editorial or technical changes.

The User must therefore refer, before any use of the Services, to the latest version of the Policy.

7.2 Identity of the Data controller

The Data controller is the company iReduva SA, a limited company with a share capital of 249,039.64 euros, registered on the Trade and Companies Register of Brazzaville under No. 511 716 573 and whose registered office is located at 130 rue Bonga, Ouénzé - Brazzaville – France.

The Data are notably stored by the host of the Site identified within the Legal Notice.

7.3 Data collected

In order to provide its Services, iReduva may collect Data relating to the Users.

7.3.1 The Data provided directly by the User

During his/her registration and use of the Services, the User provides various Data directly to iReduva. These Data include in particular:

  • The Data necessary for the creation of the User account such as a username, email address, age, gender, login details via third-party services (Facebook, Google+), a password allowing the User to be identified.

The User is informed in the Data collection forms of the mandatory or optional nature of the collection of the said Data. In the event that a mandatory field is not filled out, iReduva will not be able to process the registration and to ensure the provision of the Services.

  • The User account personalization Data such as first name, surname, postal address, telephone number, date of birth, profile picture, musical preferences, favorite content (artists, albums, tracks, radios, podcasts, liked tracks, disliked tracks).

  • The Data from the User account Settings such as the “Privacy settings” as well as “Alerts & sharing”.

7.3.2 The Data collected automatically by iReduva

During the use of the Services, iReduva collects Data relating to the connection, browsing, interaction with the advertisements displayed, or the use of the Services.

A. Services interaction Data

These Data include in particular:

  • Favorite content (artists, albums, tracks, radios, podcasts), listening history, created or followed playlists (public or private);

  • Data on interaction with other users of the Services such as comments on an artist or album page, the users whose activity the User has decided to follow, or the users who decide to follow the activity of the User (subject to the privacy settings of the User).

B. The Data that iReduva collects in relation to the commercial relationship

For the entire duration of the commercial relationship, iReduva collects various Data for the management of the commercial relationship as well as for invoicing.

  • Invoicing and transaction Data

In the event of a subscription to one of the paid Services, iReduva collects the Data necessary for the purposes of invoicing, managing the transactions, and accounting. These Data vary according to the payment method and the company responsible for collecting the payment (for example, in the event that payment is made through a telecommunications operator). They include in particular information relating to the type of subscription(s), the method of payment, and details of the transaction carried out.

iReduva does not have access to the credit card details which are hosted by the payment service provider which handles the User’s account.

  • Customer Service interaction Data

In the event of interaction with the Customer Service the latter may collect certain Data in order to process the User’s request.

These include in particular the Data allowing Customer Service to identify the User (iReduva username, surname, first name), the date, time and reason for the User’s request, the content of exchanges with the Customer Service, the additional Data necessary for the handling of the request, as the case may be.

C. Connection and navigation Data

The Data relating to any device used to access the Services and the manner in which the User interacts with the Services and the advertisements displayed on the latter. These Data include in particular:

  • Data collected automatically

  • These Data in particular are as follows:

    • the ID or unique device identifiers (including mobile devices) used to access the Services; the characteristics of the devices and software (type and version of the operating system, or the language used on the device) used for the connection to the Services.

    • the Services connection data, including:

      • the type of connection to the Services (3G, 4G, LTE, Wifi, offline),

      • the Internet service provider,

      • statistics on the pages of the Services displayed,

      • the IP address (indicating the country and city of connection).

    • the level of activity or inactivity on the Services.

  • Data collected via cookies and other trackers (for more information, see article 8, “Cookies and other trackers”).

D. The Data collected from other sources

- Via telecommunications operators: some Users access the Services through offers distributed by mobile network operators. In this context, certain Data are shared by the operator to iReduva (for example the email or the username used), in order to allow these Users to access the Service for which they are eligible according to their type of subscription.

- Via sales and marketing partners: iReduva allows its Users to access the Services through several types of audio devices (speakers, car radios, etc.), thanks to partnerships entered into with the manufacturers of these devices. In this context, these partners may, notably, share with iReduva the data relating to the listening activities of the Users on these devices. Other types of partnerships allow in particular iReduva and its advertising partners to conduct joint marketing activities.

- Via sub-contractors: sub-contractors also collect on behalf of iReduva the Data relating to the Users targeting their interests and their online activities in order to notably offer them personalized adverts.

E. Data relating to the participation of the User in marketing operations

In the event of participation in a competition, or in an event organized by iReduva, the Data allowing the registration and participation in the said competition or event are collected.

7.4 “Public” or “private” profiles

Certain Data from the User profile may be visible on the Site and Application.

Each User has the ability to manage the level of privacy of his/her account.

The User may thus choose to render his/her account “private” in the Accounts settings. Then, only his/her username will remain “public”.

The User may also choose to make his/her playlists “private” at the time they are created, or once they are created, by clicking on the “Edit” button.

By default, the User is informed that his/her profile is “public”, which means that certain Data are visible by all of the users or visitors of the Site and Application. This is the case for the following information in particular: username, profile picture, the users followed by the User (username and photo), the users who follow the User (photo and username), playlists, albums and podcasts, favorite tracks and artists.

7.5 Purpose of processing

iReduva gathers, collects, and stores the Data as set out above for the following purposes:

  • Supply of the Services and ensuring their proper functioning;

  • Improvement of the Services, to optimize them, or to offer new functionalities;

  • Personalization of the Services according to the User’s preferences, location, tastes and interests (declared or deduced), resulting from his/her use of the Services, the information provided, his/her interactions with the Services and his/her navigation on this one;

  • Informing the User of iReduva’s offers and news;

  • Informing the User of iReduva partners’ offers and news;

  • Handling the User relationship via the Customer Service;

  • Handling invoicing and payment operations;

  • Personalization of the advertisement displayed on the Services and on third-party services;

  • Measuring the audience of the Services;

  • Organizing competitions and promotional operations;

  • Making available sharing tools for social networks where the User has agreed to the sharing of such information;

  • Carrying out customer satisfaction surveys;

  • Carrying out statistical, selection and segmentation analysis of the Users to improve the Services;

  • Allowing the User to exercise their rights described in article 7.10 of the present Policy;

  • Fight fraud and payment defaults;

  • Ensure the security of the Site, the Application and the Services.

7.6 Recipients of the Data

The Data collected or processed during the use of the Services by the User are sent to iReduva entities, to the approved and authorized persons within iReduva who, due to their role, need to have access to such Data for the purposes of processing described above, as well as:

- iReduva’s service providers, in order to ensure the perfect supply of the Services. For example, iReduva relies on service providers in order to verify the student status of visitors who subscribe to iReduva Student, or to supply payment methods.

- The technical sub-contractors chosen by iReduva may, on behalf of and following the instructions of iReduva, host and store on their servers the Data of the Users and ensure the security of iReduva’s technical infrastructure.

- iReduva’s partners: certain partners, such as the telecommunications operators, the manufacturers of audio devices or marketing partners, may process Data in order to supply the Services and to implement joint communication plans. In the same way, iReduva communicates the Data to social networks in order to ensure the promotion of the Services.

- Social networks, in the event that the User has expressly consented to the linking of his/her User account with his/her account for using these social networks at the time of their registration on the Site or the Application or by changing his/her User account settings to this end in the “Alerts & sharing” section (to access this section, click here).

- Third-party applications accessible from the Site or Application, in the event that the User has given his/her express prior consent during the use of each application.

- The administrative or judicial authorities: iReduva may communicate information relating to its Users, including Data, to the administrative or judicial authorities, in particular in the context of requisition.

7.7 Cross-border Data transfers outside the European Union

In the context of processing the Data, the latter may be transferred by iReduva to its servers located in the United States of America.

The User is informed that the Data may be transferred within the iReduva group to a country other than his/her country of residence and in particular outside of the European Union. The transfer of Data is made in accordance with the Applicable Regulation.

The User is also informed that the Data may be transferred to service providers, sub-contractors and partners located outside of the European Union. Prior to the transfer, and in accordance with the Applicable Regulation, iReduva shall carry out the necessary requirements to obtain the necessary guarantees for the security of such transfers, in the countries that do not have an adequate level of protection, such as contractual clauses.

For more information on cross-border data transfers, the User may contact the data protection officer at the following address: privacy@ireduva.com.

7.8 Data security

In accordance with the Applicable Regulation, iReduva shall take all necessary measures to process the Data in a secure and confidential manner.

In particular, iReduva shall implement the technical and organizational measures that will guarantee the security and confidentiality of the Data collected and processed, and in particular to prevent them from being distorted, damaged or communicated to unauthorized third parties, by ensuring a level of security that is appropriate to the risks linked to the processing and to the nature of the Data, taking into consideration the technical level and cost of such implementation.

iReduva may not however guarantee the confidentiality of the Data rendered public by the User.

The Services may include links to third-party websites or external sources. The User acknowledges that the Policy only applies to the use of the Services, and does not in any way cover the Data collected and/or processed by the third-party websites or external sources to which the Services may link. Consequently, iReduva cannot be held liable for the personal data collection and processing practices of these websites or external sources, which are governed, as the case may be, by the personal data policies that are specific to each of these websites or external sources.

7.9 Duration of retention of the Data

iReduva undertakes not to keep the Data beyond the period strictly necessary for the purposes envisaged and in accordance with the Applicable Regulation.

iReduva undertakes to store, anonymize and delete the Data as soon as the purpose envisaged or period of retention expires.

The maximum periods of retention apply unless a request for deletion or termination of processing is made before the expiry of these periods (in accordance with the rights described at article 7.10 below). However, at the end of these periods, the Data may be the subject to an intermediary storing in order to satisfy our legal, accounting, and tax obligations.

7.10 Rights over the Data

Articles 14 to 22 of Regulation 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 grant the Users the following rights:

- The right to access the Data,

- The right to correct the Data,

- The right to object to the collection and processing of the Data,

- The right to delete their Data,

- The right to limit the collection and processing of their Data,

- The right to portability of their Data.

The User may exercise his/her rights by sending a request by email to the address privacy@ireduva.com or by post to the following address: iReduva S.A – Legal Department – 130 rue Bonga, Ouénzé - Brazzaville – CONGO.

The User is informed that the exercise of certain rights, in particular objection and deletion, may restrict or prevent access and/or use of the Services.

iReduva reserves the right to verify the User’s identity.

7.11 Minors

Users who have a iReduva Family master profile, who have parental authority or parental authorization for minors under 16 years of age, are entitled to open profiles within their iReduva Family account in the conditions described at article 20 of the Terms and Conditions of Use and Sale of the iReduva Premium Service. By doing so, they therefore authorize potential collection and processing of Data relating to the minors on whose behalf they act.

7.12 Contact details and Claims

Contact details

For any claim regarding the processing of his/her Data, the User may send a request to iReduva’s data protection officer at the address dpo@ireduva.com or by letter at the following address: 130 rue Bonga, Ouénzé - Brazzaville – CONGO.

The data protection officer ensures the enforcement of the Applicable Regulation and of the Policy.


In absence of a reply or if the User is not satisfied with the reply given, he/she may file a complaint with the relevant data protection authority in the member state of the European Union in which he/she has his/her habitual residence.

8 – Cookies and other trackers

8.1 What is a tracker?

A tracker is a cookie, a beacon, a tag, an invisible pixel, or any other system capable of storing and/or collecting information relating to navigation on the User’s terminal (computer, tablet, etc.) and/or their activity and the advertisements displayed on the Services, subject to their prior consent and except where the User has objected.

8.2 Purposes of the trackers used on the Services

The trackers, which are very useful, allow the Services to recognize the User, to signal the navigation through a particular page and to offer the User additional services: improvement of the browsing experience, ensuring the security of his/her connection or personalizing the page content based on his/her interests.

The trackers allow information relating to the registration or access to Services to be memorized, to implement security measures or even to adapt the presentation of the Services to meet the display preferences of the terminal (language, operating system, etc.). They also allow access to the personal account.

The trackers allow the creation of statistics, visits and use logs of the various parts that comprise the Services (pages and content visited, path taken), as well as the creation of studies in order to improve the content proposed on the Services.

The advertising trackers allow the analysis of the use of the Services and of the advertisements displayed in order to display, on the Services or on partner sites, advertisements that are adapted to the User’s interests. These trackers allow more particularly (i) the identification and count of the advertisements displayed, (ii) the count of the number of Users who clicked on each advertisement and (iii), as the case may be, to follow the subsequent actions carried out by these Users on the pages to which these advertisements lead.

iReduva may also give access to the collected Data, through trackers, to partners in order that the latter may carry out consumer behavioral studies.

iReduva authorizes certain commercial partners to insert advertising trackers into the Services and/or into the displayed advertisements. The insertion and use of trackers are subject to the privacy policies of these third parties. For example, trackers are inserted by the company Smart Adserver, subject to the User’s agreement, in order to optimize the display of advertisements. The use of these trackers is subject to the privacy policies of Smart Adserver, which may be consulted here. iReduva includes social network applications in its Services, which allow the User to share content from the Site or the Application with other people or to make these other people aware of their listening or their opinion concerning content from the Services. This in particular is the case with the “Share” and “Like” buttons, from social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

The social network that supplies such an interactive button is likely to identify the User through this button, even if the User has not used this button during his/her use of the Services.

iReduva invites the User to consult the privacy policies of these social networks in order to become aware of the purposes, in particular advertising purposes, for which the navigation information collected through these interactive buttons may be used. These privacy policies must in particular allow the User to exercise their choice with these social networks, in particular by changing his/her User account settings of each of these networks.

8.3 Types of Data collected by the trackers

The information stored by the cookies and other trackers, for a limited validity period (see article 7.9 above), relate in particular to the pages visited, the advertisements on which the User has clicked, the type of navigator used, the information entered into a site, in order to avoid having to enter them again.

8.4 The User’s choice concerning trackers

The User may at any time express and modify his/her wishes in relation to the trackers.

The User may configure his/her browser in such a way as to accept or reject trackers from iReduva or third parties, on a case-by-case basis, or on a permanent basis.

It is possible that the setting chosen may modify and/or restrict access to and use of the Services.

iReduva declines any liability concerning the consequences linked to the damaged functioning of the Services arising out of the impossibility for iReduva to save or consult the trackers necessary for the operation of the Site and/or the Application that are refused or deleted by the User.

In order to make a choice in relation to his/her browser, the User may consult the following pages:

The User may also configure the settings on his/her browser in order to have the latter send a code to the websites indicating that he/she does not wish to be tracked (the “Do Not Track” option). For:

iReduva makes available to the User a tool allowing for tracker settings to be controlled during the use of the Services: Privacy settings.

If the User wishes to obtain further information on cookies and other trackers, his/her rights and how to block them, they may consult the site http://www.youronlinechoices.eu/.

Article 9 – Disclaimer of warranties

The iReduva Free User declares being informed of the confines and limitations of the Internet network.

As a result, iReduva disclaims liability for any dysfunction in the iReduva Free Service’s access, the opening and consultation speed of the Site and/or Application’s pages, the listening speed of the tracks, the temporary or definitive inaccessibility of the iReduva Free Service, and the fraudulent use by third parties of the information provided on the Site or the Application.

Therefore, it is the iReduva Free User’s duty to protect his/her equipment notably against any form of intrusion and/or virus contamination and for which iReduva can never be held liable. iReduva can never be held liable of any dysfunction or damage caused to the iReduva Free User’s equipment.

More broadly, iReduva disclaims any liability if a breach of any of its obligations results from acts of nature, forces, or causes beyond its reasonable control, including, without limitation, Internet failures, computer equipment failures, telecommunication equipment failures, other equipment failures, electrical power failures, strikes, labor disputes, riots, insurrections, civil disturbances, shortages of labor or materials, fires, floods, storms, explosions, acts of God, war, governmental actions, orders of domestic or foreign courts or tribunals, non-performance of third parties, or loss of or fluctuations in heat, light, or air conditioning and more broadly any unstoppable and unforeseen event which prevent the good execution of the orders.

iReduva disclaims liability in case the iReduva Free Service would turn out to be incompatible with certain equipment and/or functionalities of the equipment of the iReduva Free User.

Finally, the iReduva Free User is solely liable of his/her use of the iReduva Free Service and cannot hold iReduva liable for any claim and/or procedure made against him/her in that respect. The iReduva Free User shall take in charge every claim, complaint or objection and more broadly any proceedings filed against iReduva by a third party in relation to the iReduva Free User’s use of the iReduva Free Service.

Article 10 – Intellectual property

The general structure of the Site, the Application, the iReduva Free Service and all elements composing it (such as but not limited to the logos, domain names, tracks or videos, and there associated elements such as the photos, images, texts and biography of the authors, artists and/or any legal beneficiary on the tracks or videos but also the visuals on the packaging) are the exclusive property of iReduva and/or its licensors (notably the records and videos producers, the record companies, authors society).

These elements are protected by intellectual property laws and others, and notably copyright. You can only use these elements for the purpose of using the iReduva Free Service, in compliance with the Terms.

Any total or partial representation of the Site, the Application, the iReduva Free Service and/or the elements composing them (as described above) by any means without the express consent of iReduva is therefore forbidden and would be considered as infringement of the law.

Any hyperlink to the Site and using the “framing” technique (programming technique offering the possibility to divide browser windows into different independent frames in order to display the content of an external website) or the “in-line linking” technique (programming to make disappear into a webpage one element extracted from another site, which saves stock space on the hard drive where the Site is hosted and enables to hide from an uninformed user the initial content of which the element is part) is strictly prohibited. Any artificial use of a iReduva account (such use for instance aiming at artificially or abnormally increase the plays of certain specific music tracks), via automated processes such as robots and scripts or via any other means, is strictly prohibited.

The Recordings on the iReduva Free Service are protected digital files by national and international copyright and neighboring rights. They may only therefore be listened to within a private or family setting. Any use for a non-private purpose will expose the iReduva Free User to civil and/or criminal proceedings. Any other use of the Recordings is strictly forbidden and more particularly any download or attempt to download, any transfer or attempt to transfer permanently or temporarily on the hard drive of a computer or any other device (notably music players), any burn or attempt to burn a CD or any other support are expressly forbidden. Any resale, exchange or renting of these files is strictly prohibited.

The iReduva Free User recognizes that the Recordings made available to him/her within the Site and Application are protected by technical protection measures set up by iReduva in order to prevent or limit, depending on the technology offered, the unauthorized use of the Recordings.

The iReduva Free User agrees not to bypass, by any means, these technical protection measures, for the purpose of downloading these files and enable their storing within the storage unit of his/her reception terminal whatever it is (computer, mobile phone, music player and other portable music disc player, etc.).

Article 11 – Suspension and/or termination initiated by iReduva or by a iReduva Free User

Without prejudice of any damages that iReduva may seek, iReduva has the right to suspend access to the iReduva Free Service of a iReduva Free User and/or terminate, without notice or compensation, his/her subscription to the iReduva Free Service in case:

- The iReduva Free User does not respect the Terms and notably:

o Infringes iReduva or its licensors’ intellectual property rights;

o Bypasses or attempts to bypass the technical measures of protection set up by iReduva;

o Uses multiple simultaneous connections with the same account or attempts to do so;

o Provides false information at the time of his/her subscription to the iReduva Free Service.

- Activities prejudicial to iReduva’s commercial interests.

The iReduva Free Users can delete their account at any time from the Site through “My account”.

Article 12 – Modifications of the Terms

iReduva has the right to modify in its sole discretion the Terms. iReduva will inform the iReduva Free User, through an email at the email address given on the iReduva Free User’s account, of any modification of the Terms at least 1 (one) month prior to their entry into force. In case the iReduva Free User would not accept these modifications, he/she will be free to delete his/her account on the Site as mentioned in article 11 above. Unless the iReduva Free User deletes his/her account, the updated Terms shall apply starting from one (1) month upon receipt of notice of modification of the Terms.

Article 13 – Customer Service department

As part of his/her access and use of the iReduva Free Service, iReduva provides to the iReduva Free User a community, accessible through the website deezercommunity.com (the “Community”) where the iReduva Free User will, notably, be able to find information regarding the iReduva Free Service and interact with other iReduva Free Users.

On the Community, the iReduva Free User will be able, notably, to:

- consult and participate to a forum through posts, reactions and comments;

- post images, links, and other content;

- interact with other iReduva Free Users, iReduva’s moderators, and/or the Customer Service through comments and/or private messages.

Use of the Community is subject to the consent and compliance with its terms and conditions available here: https://www.ireduva.com/terms.

As part of his/her access and use of the iReduva Free Service, iReduva also provides to the iReduva Free User a customer support service which can answer to questions the iReduva Free User may have on his/her account and on the Services made available by iReduva (the “Customer Service”).

The iReduva Free User will be able, without this list being limitative, to ask information relating to:

- his/her access and use of the Services provided by iReduva;

- his/her account and the modification of his/her account information.

The iReduva Free User can contact iReduva through the Site by clicking on the section “Contact us” or by sending a mail to the following address:


130 rue Bonga, Ouénzé - Brazzaville

The Customer Support will use reasonable endeavors to respond to such requests in a reasonable timeframe but can make no guarantees or warranties of any kind that such requests shall be answered within a timeframe corresponding to the iReduva Free User’s expectations, or that the answer shall be entirely satisfactory for such iReduva Free User.

Article 14 – Nullity of a term

In case one of the clauses of the Terms would be declared void or voidable for any reason, the other clauses will still apply without any modification.

Article 15 – Jurisdiction – Claims and litigation

The present Terms are governed by the law of the country where the iReduva Free User has his/her habitual residence.

Any claim relating to the application of these Terms must be emailed to the Customer Service via the Site by clicking on the link https://www.ireduva.com/support, or mailed to the address iReduva – Customer Service – 130 rue Bonga, Ouénzé - Brazzaville – CONGO, in order to be promptly processed.

For iReduva Free Users residing in a member state of the European Union, in the event the claim of a iReduva Free User would not be solved through the Customer Service or would remain without response within more than two (2) months after its reception by the Customer Service, the iReduva Free User may choose to submit the dispute to an out-of-court settlement procedure through the European platform for alternative and online dispute resolution at the following link: https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr/.

In case of litigation, the parties will try to reach an amicable agreement before any judicial proceeding. If no amicable agreement can be reached, any claim regarding the validity, the interpretation and/or the execution of the Terms shall be brought before the court of the country where the iReduva Free User has his/her habitual residence.

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